Plan an Event

Raising awareness about the $48 Fix and creating more support by organizing an event is an essential way to help the movement. Events should aim to: educate people about the $48 Fix, get them involved by taking an action at the event, and generate publicity for our movement. We anticipate two main types of events, public events or for a specific group.

Our power point is available here in Google Drive and to download.

Put your event on Facebook and we will feature it on our Reclaim CA Higher Education page.

Events should ideally allocate 75% of the time to the presentation & questions and 25% to the audience taking an action. Potential actions are:

Contact our organizer Jonathan Abboud ([email protected] or 310-734-9791) to work through strategy for your event.

Having your local press and elected officials (or their staff) present would be very helpful. Find your state representative here, but don’t forget about inviting your local school/community college board members, city council, and more. Press organizations usually have readily available contact/request information on their websites.

Here is a video of an event planned by the UC Santa Barbara Faculty Association: